1st World Priorities

I think people can agree sometimes the best way to keep track of things is to record it. As I’ve begun to age (despite the fact that I’m technically in my “prime”), my brain seems to have decided to work a little less hard at recalling things, so whenever Christmas or my birthday comes round (which occurs nearby each other in the first place, so when both come around) I never know what to say about what I want. Here’s a compiled list of things I actually want (not need, but want). It’s also for me to keep track of for myself to remind myself of the many materialistic things I’d like to own one day for whatever reasoning. Why’d I decide to share it? Well I think what you buy can also offer some insight to who the person is, what they like, what they prioritize. I’m not going to put actual necessities like toilet paper or something down, but the more superficial things (I shouldn’t say that, it’s mean) that can really show just where my interests lay. Also I’m putting it here because then I’m much less likely to lose the recording. (Things put on the internet, even after being deleted, are almost never truly lost.)

Karen’s Wish List:

world peace, if you could buy it! (prepping for my modeling debut)

Sol Republic Master Track headphones – Birthday gifted in 2013 :) thanks

Settlers of Catan Expansion packs (already have the 5-6 player expansion from 2014 gift)

Thunderbolt cables, adapters, etc (TBD)

external hard drive (at least 2 TB, prefer 3-4)

a new smartphone (not sure which yet) Ended up with an iPhone 5s Lost the 5s, will replace 4s in December probably? I’m good with my 6 :)

a more fit workout mp3 band (mine doesn’t fit my arm :( I’m not big enough for it) I got one! :D

some workout/yoga capris Black Friday cured this :)

Fujifilm Instax 210 + film X-mas/bday gift in 2014

Coin (card) Received :)

a new, classic look (but also awesomely unique design) watch does a fitbit count?

Seven Wonders board game (both normal and duels)

some new running shoes  (no major preference currently)

and I’m sure there’s more but for now this will have to do.

Revised: 04/21/16


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