Check Kick Do

I am not one for bucket lists, but perhaps I should consider one so that I can keep track of things I say I wanna do but haven’t. Perhaps making one will make me do more things I want to do despite it maybe being crazy, weird or (probably) expensive! That is the hope I have anyways.

Karen’s To Do/Bucket List (in no apparent order)

Go skydiving 04/28/2012 OEO Trip :)

Go skydiving again

Become a superior enough snowboarder to carve, butter, etc, down any mountain I’d want to go down (I’m getting closer!)

go snowboarding with Steven (3rd attempt’s the charm, I swear)  01/26/17 & 02/10/17 Jackson Hole & Whistler BC <3

Consistently go scuba diving (at least 2-3 times)/be worthy of having become certified (hopefully go scuba diving in the Caymans at least once of those times).

Volunteer at A-Kon (before I’m 26 preferred – past 26 and STILL haven’t!?)

Travel to Australia (see the coral reef?)

Experience Korea

Backpack through Europe

(For serious) attend South By Southwest once Let’s just say I liked the free stuff enough :) (attended: 2014 & 2016)

Buy and use an instant camera (Fujifilm Instax 210 currently preferred) for a fair amount of time in my life (exact amount of time negotiable) 12/2014 gift :)

Visit Jellyfish Lake and swim/snorkel with the jellyfish! :) (this is becoming less likely to occur)

Vacation in Hawaii

Be in/have a mud fight :) (should also probably do this sooner than later)

Go canoeing Experienced in Austin 2013 with Kevin, Yang, and Hali

Kayak (in Austin preferably) at least once

Go on a serious (but fun!) camping trip completed 4/30/16-5/1/16 for Chris’s going away

Eat at a 3 star Michelin restaurant once

Take a ride (preferably with someone else that I know) on a hot air balloon

Visit Hamilton Pool Preserve, preferably before I leave Texas if I do

Visit Dallas as a tourist

Go to a drive-in movie theater (and watch a movie too of course)

Go on a real hiking trip (overnight at least once!)

Visit Mexico! :) 05/20/16 with Eddie :)

Visit Iceland (and swim in a lava-heated ocean?!)

Camp at Pedernales under the beautiful starry sky

As of: 02/23/17


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