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Karen’s Music Feed 1

I said a couple (or few) months back that I wanted to start blogging about music that caught my ear. Some of it may be new music, new to me music (aka it’s been around but I’m just now hearing it), or some throwback jams. Considering how long it take for me to get around to writing an update post, I have no clue why I am even attempting to post now, but, well, here it goes anyways.

Kiiara – Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)

This song has probably been the biggest ear catch for me recently. While this song isn’t new at all (released back in 2015), I heard it recently on a mix not too long ago and instantly fell in love. (The mix will probably be posted later in this post actually.) Kiiara has consistently provided amazing vocals and songs that are transformed even better by Hotel Garuda’s smooth touch (amongst other amazing artists). I’m sad I didn’t see Hotel Garuda live in DFW a couple weeks ago. Had I known, I would’ve jumped at the chance to hear them live.

Portugal the Man – Feel It Still (Medasin remix)

This is actually a relatively new release from Medasin from my understanding. I first heard Medasin live as an opener for Snakehips at Kingdom in Austin last year. I was impressed at his live set/music and quickly seeked his music out more online aka via SoundCloud. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and this lo-fi almost jazzy song is keeping me excited for his next release as well.

Lea Rue – Sleep / For The Weak (Lost Frequencies Remix)

I went to a free pool party with Lost Frequencies as the main DJ, but sadly had to leave before he got on stage. Nevertheless, I did check out his music before deciding to attend (and the DJ before him was a champ, playing for 4+ hours) and really enjoyed many of his songs, this one being one of them. If he’s ever got another (free!) concert in DFW (or Austin if it’s before the fall) then I’ll probably try him live once again.

Two Feet – Love Is A Bitch

This popped up on my Soundcloud feed from someone that I was following (who knows who) and I was caught. While I wouldn’t say it’s amazingly unique, it was refreshing to hear some more bluesy tunes once in awhile from my typically sea of EDM/hip-hop music (at least from Soundcloud). Even without being refreshing to the feed, it’s a great song on its own.

Porter Robinson – Divinity (Odesza Remix)

Again, definitely not a new song at all, but still worth the mention. I’m not even sure it’s new to me, but it recently caught my ear (again?) and I decided to add it to this post. Porter is an amazing artist, as is Odesza, and them two combining would be an incredible match. I wouldn’t mind a collab from them in the future. I wouldn’t mind at all.

Seven Lions – Where I Won’t Be Found (feat. NÉONHÈART)

Alright, so if you’ve known my music desires for the past year (or read my last post), you’ll know that I love Seven Lions. While I admit, I’m not a from the beginning follower nor am I absolutely familiar with all of his music, I would still follow him to any concerts within reason (aka within Texas + 5 hours from where ever I am, including some Oklahoma I guess). When I heard this song on his Middlelands set, I definitely fell in love. I spent a solid 20-30 minutes trying to find the track, later posting on a Youtube video of the set for help, only to find out it was an ID. I was incredibly happy once it released (only a couple weeks ago!), though I did then somewhat realize that I liked it in the mix more than I liked it solo. Still, great song and great artist that I am forever grateful for releasing the song I was looking forward to hearing in full and now have. :)

6LACK – Prblms (it’s different x Kivnon Remix)

Another random, but gratefully received, pop up song on my Soundcloud feed, I am always loving the chill hip-hop beats. There is so much right with this tune, I don’t have the words to really explain. I may have to start search for each of these artists and exploring their music more.

Grandtheft & Delaney Jane – Easy Go (Shaun Frank Remix)

I’m not familiar with either artists (original or remixer), but they came together for a great song. There was actually a night where I replayed this and about 80% of this posts’ songs over and over again, just feeling the amazing vibes. This is just the perfect mix of chill that makes me still wanna get up and dance. Head bobbing, commence!

I could probably find a few other songs, but these are on my immediate mind. If I had anything to say, it would be that I’m in desperate need of some new alternative/rock songs. I just haven’t really found any new bands, not that they aren’t there anymore (I highly doubt people aren’t still playing in their garage or something), but it’s just become a bit harder to find a less available. So many hip-hop, pop, or DJ artists now instead. Not that I’m complaining about that, I just miss my old rock music. So if any of you guys have some recommendations, let me know!

This concludes my first real music post (the other one, we’ll call it patient zero, or well if I’m matching the title, Karen’s Music Feed 0 or something, whatever makes you happy). Hopefully you find some of the songs to your liking, and if not I really don’t care since I like them. :D


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a really impressive title goes here

I wanted to write another blog post to update like I said I would, but I found that I wasn’t sure what to write about at this current time. So please bear with me as I try to come up with something witty, or whatever. =)

Normally I add in a currently jammin’ to song from Soundcloud, but as Soundcloud has started to try to increase profit margin rather than stick true to their original ideology, it’s become more difficult sometimes to get the song I want on there. I still chose one this time, but it may be time to change to another site to stream music on here… Sigh.

Currently jammin’ to:

This jam is a bit long since it’s a long mix rather than an individual song, but definitely worth it. Additionally, I recently saw Ekali live at The Kingdom in Austin a couple weekends ago. The openers were so-so, but when Ekali took the stage it definitely was pretty awesome. I will say that the lights were a bit blinding for such a small space. I literally felt blind at times and had to step back further from the stage at times in order to reorient myself because of how blinding the laser lights were at times. I think some of it was due to the size of the room though, being so small allowed for so much reflection. At least it wasn’t stuffy and hot. So glad I got to check out Ekali.

Summer finale

Summer is coming to a close, surprisingly fast. I can’t believe it’s already August. I have so much I need to get together, start to do. I feel like I’m so behind. And yet there’s so much that I’ve also already done. It’s crazy. It’s also amazing to realize that I only have one more semester left of my current classes before I enter (hopefully) into my Master’s program. As I write this, I think “shouldn’t I be working on my statement instead?” considering that I have to have one by September 15th for UT Dallas… umm, yeah whoops.

And what a summer it has been. Lots of ups, lots of downs. Not quite what I imagined it would be, and still not where I want it to be, but hopefully with some luck, some talks, and some work it will get to where I want it. I will say this much, I have learned and experienced a lot this summer. This year overall, really. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more and experience many wonderful things. It feels fitting to reflect on some of the new things I’ve gotten to experience, but I think I’d rather just focus on the recent things that have occurred since I last posted.

My final summer class is winding down, ending next week! Eek, that is incredibly soon. I have no idea where the time went in this class. Least to say I did not enjoy it as much as my previous class, but I am glad for the grades I’ve been getting (somehow keeping my 4.0 GPA) and I greatly appreciate having taken this class with a friend. It definitely made the whole experience more bearable and easier.

Recently, I returned back from attending a wedding in California for my boyfriend’s cousin. It involved my boyfriend’s whole immediate family, so needless to say it was not like our Mexico trip together, but we still had fun and he finally got to visit Disneyland for the first time, something his father promised him a long time ago when he was still young. The wedding itself was also something wonderful as well. Even though I hardly knew the couple and was only there politely as one of the distant cousin’s girlfriend, I still really took the experience to heart. I think I was just feeling quite emotional that day, but I had lots of feelings listening to the ceremony/speeches and watching the whole thing. I think love is a wonderful thing. Something to cherish greatly, and something to hold onto as best as possible when you can. I know it’s also hard work, to create happiness all the time and always feel grateful for everything you have. We take for granted so much all the time, I feel. And just the same, love is easily taken for granted. Whether it comes from our parents, from our friends, or our significant other, it’s easy to lose sight of how significant it is to have someone love you. Watching the wedding, it really made me consider my own personal values and personal goals for the future. I am definitely not ready to be married, but perhaps because of age or whatever it is, I know I’m looking forward to settling. Kids, however, that’s a completely different situation, one I am absolutely not ready to even consider. ANYWAYS!

Normally I would write a whole bunch more, but honestly I am realizing how much work I have to get done and I also lack much to say right now. So with that in mind, I end this very short post and update. I’ll try to give this more thought later. :D

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All kinds of music love, suggestions included

Currently Jammin’ To: A lot of different songs. :)

There were a lot of songs I wanted to feature in this post, not because they’re all super worthy or because this post is just that special, but mostly because I’ve got the itch to discover and listen to (new) music thus causing me to have a lot of songs that I’m currently jammin’ to.

Once in awhile, I start listening to a select genre or a few select tracks that I really enjoy. It could last for only a couple of days, it could last for a couple of months. Of course, I’ll still enjoy the song as years continue on (usually), but sometimes an old track captivates me again (for awhile, it was Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals as well as The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New). Additionally, music is always being produced and my tastes are quite broad, really ranging from everything to everything with little heavy, screamo, or super super country. This leaves room for quite a bit of music for me to listen to and/or discover. It’s recently been more on the EDM scene as well as some of the more top hits, but my heart will probably always lie with alternative rock, particularly the 90s to early millennium. Some place in my heart will also be affectionate to trance/techno as well, a huge influence from my middle school years, which has of course given me much of my appreciation for some EDM. For this purpose, I decide to shamelessly plug a bunch of different songs that recently have caught or re-caught my attention. I’ll try to provide a link to each version, but it might be hard to find some songs. Sorry if I can’t find them.

The City by Dismemberment Plan

To be honest, I don’t fully remember when I got this, but it’s in my gnucleus folder so it was sometime in high school or younger. I don’t remember where I heard it, and I know the band isn’t all that famous, but I still enjoy it after rediscovering it in my music collection. It’s not one of those songs that I’d call “classic” to me (which, of course, means that I loved it so much and was most likely introduced to me pre-high school or middle school, the age varies sometimes), but it’s definitely one I know I’ll keep coming back to so long as I keep getting to rediscover it.

Fitzpleasure by Alt-J

This is one of my newly acquired songs recommended by a friend. The first hearing, I wasn’t super impressed. It was not bad but just didn’t really feel it. But then, a little time passed (and by that I mean maybe a week or two) and I gave it another shot since I had the song already anyways and realized that actually it was pretty awesome. There’s a couple of drops in it, it’s got a fair amount of chill out mixed with definite edginess; it’s great. I know it’s going to be one of those songs I really like for awhile and then it fades but eventually will really like again. Perhaps not classic worthy either (I really am starting to doubt what I mean by classic worthy anyways), but definitely a good song to check out. Maybe give it a couple of chances if you didn’t like it the first time. I know I had to, and it was worth it.

If I Lose Myself by One Republic (and the Alesso Remix)


Alesso Remix

Literally just got these songs and I like both versions of this song. Originally, I heard the Alesso Remix of it and thought I liked it more than the original, but after listening to the original a few more times, I think now I like the original more than the remix. Regardless, they’re both very good. You can choose (or not choose) which one is the better version, but I think they offer different things depending on what you’re feeling.

4 AM (Acoustic Version) by Kaskade (Adam K and Soho version as well)

So I recently discovered and downloaded the acoustic version of Kaskade’s famous 4 AM song. I like the Adam K and Soho remix version as well, quite a bit actually (it was on my repeat for awhile), but hearing it in acoustic format, at first I wasn’t sure what I would get. Turns out this song is still amazing, in a different way perhaps, just like its other version that I love. It’s familiar tune is transformed into something more relaxed and chilled out. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you liked the other versions of it (original, adam/soho version, etc). I think the youtube version cuts off too early, but it was the best one I could find aside from uploading my own copy.

I’ll stop here with the recommendations to briefly speculate on an idea I’ve been brewing for awhile. Recent music has been taking snippets of old tunes and beats and transforming them into a new version by a new artist. For example, Kristinia DeBarge remixed Steam’s old Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye into her own Goodbye version. I’m not particularly enthused by her version (and honestly the original can get kind of annoying to me as well, so that doesn’t help), but this is sort of an example of new music using old music to become “new music.” I don’t mean to jumble covers into this I like Britney’s version of I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll more than the original’s, mostly because I think it sounds better, and I prefer some cover versions more than originals all the time), I am trying to separate songs that use old songs as the background or beat of a “new song.” I guess a prime example that occurred a long time ago is Puff Daddy’s I’ll Miss You, and while I actually like that song much more (mostly because of its lyrics), I don’t really like using old beats to “make new ones.” I don’t even like Na Na’s old song that much, but the new one just isn’t that pleasing either and kind of makes me feel as if the music industry has run out of creativity and has to rely on old music to make things popular. The newest situation I’ve run into for this was David Guetta’s Play Hard featuring Akon and Ne-Yo. I guess I shouldn’t make it such a big deal given that Guetta’s a remix artist so it kind of makes sense that he’s using another person’s song a remixing it with others, but somehow it kind of bothered me when I first heard this on the radio. I heard the familiar introduction and tune of Better Off Alone by DJ Boom Boom and NYC Underground (debatable, but this is what my music has it labeled as), which has been in my music collection since the beginning of me having one. I like the song, sort of, once I kind of push out the thought that Better Off Alone is playing as well. It’s definitely a good mix/song but somehow it disturbs me a little. I can’t really explain it, I want to start singing the lyrics to Better Off Alone and then suddenly I hear Akon or Ne-Yo. The original didn’t even have that many lyrics. I don’t know, Play Hard is a good song, but somehow knowing Better Off Alone is in it and probably going predominantly unrecognized by the general mass as coming from a different song originally, I guess that makes it a bit upsetting. Oh well, my own problems. For all I know, Better Off Alone was a remix from another original song! I have no idea, I just know it kind of bothers me.

Anyways, enough with my attempts to influence random people with my music. If you like it, great! I’m glad that I could broaden your music experiences; if you didn’t like it, well that’s unfortunate but maybe you can share some of yours with me and I can give you some a different type. I’m always looking for new music. :) <3 music = my life.


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